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It May Be Wet Outside, But It's Dry Inside WISH!

I love fall, it has always been my favorite season!
I just can't get enough of the flowy grasses and textures, many that have made their way into my own home! I love to incorporate natural elements into my home décor, and there isn't a better time than fall, to do that!
If you have been following WISH on social media, you would see I have a passion for fresh flowers, and have them in some form, part of my everyday life! But many fresh flowers can serve a greater purpose, long after their vase life.
Dried flowers have become a huge contributor to the rustic décor trend, going on right now. This year's fall fave, has definitely been the fabulous pampas grass, with its feathery delicate display. I have recently placed a few stems in a grey toned bottle vase, on my fireplace. The beauty of this distinctive grass, and many other dried botanicals, is heightened by not only its longevity, but its versatility, when used as part of your décor. So many fall elements can be used throughout the year, without creating a distinctive season. Just don't forget that the vessel you choose, should reflect the style of your home. My pampas grass display, will remain on my mantle well into spring(and probably longer), though I may end up adding a few fresh stems of fresh flowers to it, or perhaps a twig garland with mini lights, and a few of my ornaments to the mantle, to transition into the winter/Christmas season.
My design style when using not only dried elements, but fresh as well for home décor, is to keep it simple!  Actually I prefer to say "modern rustic" since the elements are displayed a lot differently than how our grandmother's might of arranged them! Your display and the elements in it, should be simple, whether using singular blooms(all of the same), or slightly mixed(variety) of stems. Keep the display airy, mix up the textures by using branches, pods and grasses. These are natural elements, and should be made to look as natural as possible, even in the design.  The container and botanicals should work as one, complimenting, and accenting each other.
At WISH, you can now pick up bundles of dried botanicals, like pampas grass(pictured above), rabbit's tail, limonium, protea, seka willow, silver dollar eucalyptus, magnolia, cotton, fall grasses, hydrangeas, branches & lavender. You can also bring in your favorite vase, or pick one out at WISH, and we can design something specifically for you, whether it be for a gift, or for your office or home!

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